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Male patient, 59, Vacaville, California
Treatment: Venefit Closure Procedure + Sclerotherapy

“My left leg had veins that were protuding with large lumps. I had swelling and sores near my ankle that would not heal, and my legs cramped frequently and itched.  I tried elevating my legs and support socks, but nothing worked. My podiatrist (Dr. Kaplan) recommended I go see Dr. Brooks.

Dr. Brooks and the staff at Napa Vascular & Vein Center were kind and very informative. Dr. Brooks diagnosed my condition and explained how the Venefit Closure combined with Sclerotherapy would help alleviate my symptoms. My recovery was fast. I returned to work within 2 days. The swelling of my leg, cramping and itchiness has stopped, and the veins no longer protude.

Most importantly, I now go for walks with ease and no discomfort. At the end of a day's work my left leg is not tired. I wear shorts and don’t feel self-conscious. I highly recommend this procedure as it has truly improved the quality of my  life!”

Female Patient, 39, Napa, California
Treatment: Sclerotherapy + Sclerotherapy under Ultrasound (SUS)

“I was referred to Dr. Brooks by Dr. Raymond and my condition was purely cosmetic. My mother has varicose veins and after birthing 2 children, mine became very pronounced. I decided “why wait?” they’re not going to get any better! 
Dr. Brooks was thorough in his exam and explanation of what he could do and the results I could expect.  His staff was friendly, informative and very kind.  I am thrilled with my results –  I am wearing shorts and skirts for the first time in nearly a decade!  My confidence is back and I love how my legs look.”

Female patient, 68, Vacaville, California
Treatment: Venefit Closure, Sclerotherapy and Sclerotherapy under Ultrasound (SUS)

"My legs were achy, tired and honestly looked really bad – like road maps all over my legs. As they got worse over time, my general practitioner and I new something had to be done, and my general practitioner referred me to Napa Vascular & Vein Center. Dr. Brooks was very patient, listened to me, answered questions and explained things very thoroughly. He was also very realistic on the outcomes, which I appreciated. I get queasy around needles so Dr. Brooks gave me medicine to help me relax, and his staff was very understanding and helpful in making me comfortable. I am very pleased with the results. My legs are no longer tired and achy, and I wear shorter skirts without feeling self-conscious. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from varicose veins go see Dr. Brooks – it has greatly improved my every day life!"

Male Patient, 67, Napa, California
Treatment: Venefit Closure and Sclerotherapy under Ultrasound (SUS)

“My leg was deformed with large surface veins that grew swollen by the end of the day, and very achy in my calf.  As a physician, I knew to elevate my legs when possible – and knew that I wanted to avoid the traditional vein stripping procedure.  But the symptoms were interfering with my work and life.

My internist recommended that I consult with Dr. Brooks to see what could be done. Dr. Brooks provided me with a careful, detailed explanation of the condition and what he could to to alleviate my symptoms. I noticed that he was very thorough in his evaluation of my leg, as well as his diagnosis and documentation. His manner reassured me that I was in good hands.

Today I am symptom free and back to activities like taking long walks. I also feel more emotionally secure knowing that my leg looks “normal” and matches my other leg.”

Female Patient, 71, Yountville, California
Treatment: Venefit Closure with Phlebectomy

"The veins in my legs were so painful that it literally exhausted my whole body. I'm used to having a lot of energy and being active – and I had none. The first thing I tried was weight loss – I lost over 40 lbs on a monitored diet and exercise regimen. I felt better about myself, but my legs were still very sore, so my doctor advised seeing a specialist and referred me to Napa Vascular & Vein Center. Dr. Brooks is very cordial, compassionate and a perfectionist in his work… a winning combination in my mind. I had both my legs treated and I am now pain-free. I have all my energy back and my legs look good! I'm so thrilled to be back doing the things I love like riding my bike and taking long walks. I am so happy with Dr. Brooks' care that when my husband needed a vascular surgeon I told his physician that Dr. Brooks is our first choice!"

Female patient, 67, St. Helena, California

"I have arthritis in my knees, and my varicose veins were swelling and causing extreme pain. I had to stop going to my aerobics class because I just couldn't stand the pain. I saw Napa Valley Vascular in the newspaper and decided it was time to seek treatment.

Dr. Brooks is such a kind, gentle man and his direct, truthful manner gave me confidence that he was the one that could help me. I had two treatments and the procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. The NVVC staff was lovely – very compassionate which made me feel totally at ease.

The results are terrific! I am back in my aerobics class, doing what I want to do, and I am virtually pain-free. And I went to Hawaii shortly after and actually enjoyed being in my bathing suit on the beach!"


Venefit ClosureVenous System - Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy on Spider VeinsVenous System - Varicose Veins

Venefit ClosureVenous System - Varicose Veins





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